Sub-mm-wave Imaging

We have developed Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs) using micro antenna structures as sensing elements responding to waves with wavelengths greater than 100 micron in the sub-millimeter wave (or teraHZ) domain for imaging objects behind walls, embedded in debris or under human skin. This technology leads to advanced imaging sensors for through-wall surveillance in fighting terrorists, through-skin imaging of foreign objects embedded in human tissue or through clothing to detect hidden narcotics, weapons or alcohol.


 Frequency vs. Relative Radiance. (click to enlarge)


Covering sub-mmw spectral ranges

  • Spectral coverage: from 100 to 300 micron (TeraHz)
  • Technology: Micro Antenna Array
  • Frame rate: 30 Hz- 1,00 Hz
  • Array size: 128x128 – 256x1256
  • Operating temperature: 300 K
  • Applications: Thru-clothe, thru-wall imaging for law enforcement

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